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The Team

The Team

Get to know our team so you know who to talk to about your new bike, servicing your current bike and who to speak to about parts and accessories as well as riding gear.

Ian Shiner

Dealer Principal

Hi! My name is Ian Shiner and I am a Sales Executive here at Motomart. I moved to NZ 14 years ago from South London and I love it here. I have worked for Motomart since early 2016.

I have been riding Motorcycles for 30+ years and I am passionate about Harley-Davidson – I have owned many myself!

I particulary enjoy the HOG social side of the brand and like to get out on our Wellington chapter rides when ever I can. I look forward to meeting you either at the dealership or out on the road!

04 589 5106

Kent Osborne

Sales Manager

Hi everyone, my name is Kent Osborne. I am one of the sales executives here at Motomart. When I was 13 years old I saved up everything I had from every odd job I could work, I was tired of the farm hacks I had been riding around on. My mate’s brother was selling his DR250, I took out what money I had and managed to make the deal. My parents were a bit shocked when I rode home on it without any gear (including no helmet). My next adventure on the bike after a few rides around the paddocks was when a spring storm came in and flooded out the Far North (I’m from Awanui just outside of Kaitaia). There was flooding everywhere! I was aquaplaning everywhere and spraying water all over the place, I was having a great time. Well until the engine seized. After pushing it back home up a hill over 5km away I quite quickly realised the importance of motorcycle maintenance. I’

021 445 787

Gareth Steele

Sales Executive / Technical Adviser

Hello everyone. My name is Gareth Steele and I am the Technical Adviser at Motomart. I was born In Cape Town, South Africa and moved to New Zealand in 2009. I have been riding bikes since I was 10 years old and have 21 years experience in the Motorcycle industry. I enjoy all types and styles of motorcycling.
My favourite model of H-D is the Low Rider. I really like the H-D culture, when you buy a Harley you buy into the lifestyle

04 589 5106

Steve Graham

Service Technician

Hey everyone, my name is Steven Graham and I am one of the service technicians in the workshop here. I was born in Glasgow Scotland and emigrated to NZ 11 years ago. I started working on and riding bikes at 11 years old, working with my father who was also a Mechanic. I have been working as mechanic in the motor industry for 35 years, working in Glasgow, London and Wellington

I am a qualified as a BMW Master technician and am currently level 3 Harley Davidson factory trained technician.

My favourite Harley motorcycles are Softails or Road Kings but I appreciate all models so it’s hard to pick a favourite. I really enjoy fitting accessories and custom tuning customers’ bikes and enjoy the feedback from happy customers when they see their new individual ride.

04 589 5106